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Chesapeake Piano

Where Piano Lessons Are Only The Beginning

Book soon! We have only 3 openings left starting in September.

We Create Music Together

From the beginning, students are learning the reading, technique, and theory skills required to eventually play Classical, Pop, and Jazz piano.  We use the Royal Conservatory Program enabling students to succeed in any type of music they choose to study.

Unique to Chesapeake Piano we use games, projects and clubs to enhance the learning experience for all ages.  Students are also given opportunities to perform for others during informal gatherings outside of the standard annual recital to expand their comfort level with performing while also getting to know fellow students. 


Lessons for All Ages

If you are 6 or 60 learning to play the piano is for you!  Does your child show an interest in music?  Are you looking for a new hobby?  Chesapeake Piano works with musicians of all ages. 

Meet Suzanne Hilton

Suzanne holds a degree in piano performance with a specialized study in piano pedagogy and a Master's degree in music from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Piano Keys

Listen to Our Students

We are very happy with this teacher.  She follows a regimen, has recitals and has rewards to keep the kids motivated.  She has standards and makes our kid live up to them. I highly recommend her.

Stuart Fleming

Your search for a classical piano teacher ends here. Suzanne has decades of teaching and playing experience that she leverages to meticulously craft each lesson to the individual student. The result is highly-customized instruction giving every student the opportunity to thrive if they work hard. 

Trevor Adriaanse

As an adult student I couldn't be happier working with Suzanne.  I am challenged but it's still fun!  If want to learn piano sign up today!

Aubrey Wanner

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