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Coming Together Through Music

Piano Lessons

From the beginning, students are learning the reading, technique, and theory skills required to eventually play Classical, Pop, and Jazz piano.  We use the Royal Conservatory Program enabling students to succeed in any type of music they choose to study.​

Unique to Chesapeake Piano are games, projects and clubs used to enhance the learning experience for all ages.  Students are also given opportunities to perform for others during informal gatherings outside of the standard annual recital to expand their comfort level with performing while also getting to know fellow students. 

Chesapeake Piano offers a Qualified & Experienced Teacher

Providing a first rate education -- not just quick short cuts.

Designing instructional goals for each individual student.

Recognizing & drawing on individual strengths to achieve goals. 

Teach music theory in a way that ensures long term retention.

Yield very high rates of long term student retention.


Suzanne Hilton

Suzanne holds a degree in piano performance with a specialized study in piano pedagogy and a Master's degree in music from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Her primary instrument is the piano, and she maintains a private practice in Annapolis, MD as a teacher of piano performance, music appreciation, and music theory.

Suzanne's academic and musical career has included work as an instructor of piano pedagogy (teaching piano teachers), a piano instructor, performer, choral director, professional accompanist, and university faculty for 30 years.


She has taught music at the University of Maryland, American University, and is currently a professor of music at Montgomery College.

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